Landyachtz Jetski Fun Cruiser Complete - Skate Happy
Landyachtz Jetski Fun Cruiser Complete - Skate Happy
Landyachtz Jetski Fun Cruiser Complete - Skate Happy
Landyachtz Jetski Fun Cruiser Complete - Skate Happy
Landyachtz Jetski Fun Cruiser Complete - Skate Happy

Landyachtz Jetski Fun Cruiser Complete

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Landyachtz Skateboards Coffin

A lively new graphic from our friend Filipo Colombo, paired with a bright, two tone dyed face veneer makes for a fresh new take on our beloved Tugboat shape. We threw on some narrow 130mm Polar Bear traditional kingpin trucks, which are different from the 155mm that have been used on Tugboats in the past, for extra maneuverability. The decrease in truck width also allows for some extra wheel clearance, so we threw on nice big ol’ Fatty Hawgs for that extra roll speed needed on those long commutes or all-day skate adventures. This thing is smooth and fast, just like a jet ski.

A wider and slightly longer version of the Dinghy, the Tugboat comes in at 30″ long and 9″ wide for a super solid, stable feeling ride. The wider platform is ideal for riders with larger feet who are looking for a comfortable cruiser board experience. The extra meat also inspires confidence and gives you more platform to land on when doing tricks on larger obstacles. The Tugboat is pressed with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a light, stiff and poppy ride. It comes set up with Polar Bear 130mm trucks for maximum stability and leverage and an angled riser in the front gives this board a directional feel and really helps to provide predictable, fluid carves with a highly relaxed riding style. 63mm 78a Fatty Hawgs finish off the setup for a fast, smooth ride.


Canadian Maple Built Deck

Built strong to withstand anything you throw at it.

Kick Tail

Versatile skateboard so that you can travel around 

Low Concave

Flat solid surface for stability and long cruises.

Sanded Wheel Wells

Reduced wheel bite and increased wheels efficiency.


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                Flex Rating

                So, what’s flex and why is it important to a skateboard? In skate-nerd terms, flex is the amount of displacement a deck sees when a specific amount of force is applied to it. Check out our formula to the left! There are a few factors that affect flex, like deck thickness, wheelbase, and the amount of force on a deck. We built a machine and put our entire lineup to the test by applying the exact same amount of force to all our boards and measured the displacement we saw in each. This gives a totally scientific and accurate flex range across our entire line! It’s important to understand flex when choosing a board. Here are some basics: Downhill/freeride skateboards will have less flex because you need a stiff platform to stand on when you’re bombing or gripping a corner at speed. Carving skateboards will have more flex, giving you the ability to sink into your turns and pump or carve with ease.