Team Riders

Skate Happy supports locals that love putting time into the sport purely for the love. Skateboarding is a unique sport that challenges skaters to face their fears & commit to potentially injuring themselves. This is where our skaters stand out.
We are always excited to see our skaters represent so if you see a team rider out there, say hey and maybe learn something from them.
Allanah Bruno

Why Do You Skate? Originally it was a way of transport to school that was fun and something that I picked up quite naturally that made me super happy. I gave up skateboarding for about 8-9 years, but was drawn back to this amazing sport because of the skate culture and the happiness it brought to me when being on my board with friends.

Age: 23
Stance: Regular
Favourite Trick: Inward Heelflip

6th in Nike SB 2012 Opens
3rd in Volcom Comp 2012
1st in Milicent Comp ASL 2021
1st in Mayoral Toowoomba Skate Comp (Females) 2022
4th in Mayoral Toowoomba Comp Opens 2022