Skateboard Deck Guide

Let's make this short and sweet.

How to choose the right skateboard deck.

Skateboards have a few different components but we believe the deck is one of the most important. Picking the right deck can make a difference between learning tricks easier or struggling to land on the board. At skate happy, we don't like to complicate things so we put an easy to read guide together for you to skim through while you're feeling the hype of buying your next board.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a new deck. If you are riding every day, you may need to replace your deck every few weeks if you commit to a lower end deck but if its cruising and every now and than it can be a year before you need a new deck. Consider your or who your buying for foot size and height as these can change how a deck rides. Where are you riding? What kind or skating are you doing? Street, Stairs or even Vert skateboarding. All of the above are a few thing to think about before buying your next deck. Jump Straight to decks/collections/skateboard-decks

How to pick the right skateboard size
Skateboard Deck Width

We are jumping straight into the core of the guide first off because who wants to read when you have skating to do.

Skateboard width is the most important part about picking a deck. Don't worry too much about length or wheel base as what makes 95% of a correct size is how wide the board is.

Easy Breakdown

7.5" to 8"- Standard board for adult riders skating streets or doing more technical tricks
8.0" to 8.25"- Skating pool, ramp, rail, and parks
8.25" and larger- Vert, pools, cruising, and just going old school
7.5" or below - These sizes or normally for children or someone with a small foot. Size 8US or below.

Although these are our recommendation, we will always advocate for you to find your style by testing the sizes and see which is comfortable.

Skateboard Deck Pros & Cons

7.5" - 8.0"

This is the size range to look at when you are doing flip or technical skateboard tricks. The smaller the width, the easier it is to spin.

Easy to spin

Less room for error
Less Stability

8.0" - 8.25"

We believe this is the sweet spot for beginners learning their first "Ollie" to seasoned riders expanding their arsenal.

Easy to land on
Perfect for average foot size
More Space For Error

Does not flip as fast as previous.


The big boys of skateboard decks. These decks perform exceptionally well on stairs, pools and vert skating.

Very Stable
Best For Air Tricks

Hard To Flip

Skateboard Brands

Getting the look right.

How to pick the right skateboard brand.

This is both an easy part or a hard part. The easy way is to pick a size and graphic and bobs your uncle but then creeps in identity in the streets or at the park. This is the hard part. Am I going to look good with this brand? I know you're thinking it. The main thing to know is that if you don't already have brand loyalty than picking any deck from any pro shop is better than a mass produced deck from the big super market type store.

Take a look over the different brands and see what graphics scream your personality. Either way, the base of your deck is going to look like a painting that sells for more than its worth after your start hitting rails or slamming the brakes.

Still Confused?

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